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We Train Together

by Rémi Samyn

We Train Together is a training program that equips participants with the basics needed to progress in their climbing. Climbing Life Kenya collaborated with Rémi Samyn to bring this English version of On s’entraîne ensemble to Kenyan climbers seeking to increase their climbing levels and capabilities.



We Train Together is a 6-month training program through which Rémi shares his 25 years of training experience for free with the hope that “it can be a good inspiration for climbers who dream to start a new project to increase their climbing level”. The idea is to engage climbers in a regular training pace by focusing on one training cycle every month. 

The exercises are adaptable so anyone can take on this training program, whatever their climbing level and/or preference may be!

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Episode 1: Recovery Cycle Post Lockdown


1. Find your climbing bearings after the lockdown.

2. Prepare your body for the next development cycle.

3. Find a regular training pace.


Motto of the cycle:

Don't dream your life, live your life!


Episode 2: Strength Training Cycle


1. Developing your arm strength qualities

2. Transfer of your physical

progress through tactical work

3. Strengthening your fingers for the next cycle


Motto of the cycle:

Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits!


Episode 3: Finger Training Cycle


1. Developing your finger strength qualities

2. Transfer of your physical

progress through mental work

3. Muscle strengthening, 

rebalancing to avoid injuries.


Motto of the cycle:

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.


Episode 4: Endurance Training


1. Developing your endurance qualities

2. Technical work for the period of realisation of the projects

3. Muscle strengthening, rebalancing to avoid injuries.


Motto of the cycle:

Every day is a new chance to get there.

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About Rémi Samyn

From a member of the French climbing team in 2000s, Rémi Samyn served as the National coach for the French team for 10 years and as an international IFSC route setter. He is also a sports and physical trainer and was a finalist Ninja Warrior in 2019. In 2020, Rémi finally decided to test new training methods which led him to do his first 8c boulder problem and his first 9a route within 6 months!

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