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Who We Are

Climbing Life Kenya is a registered local female-led non-profit that is dedicated to connecting Kenyans with rock climbing. Our mission is centred on investing in the growth of rock climbing for the next generation of climbers in Kenya. We do this by designing and implementing programs that address barriers to participation and providing practical solutions that enable ease of entry and continued participation in rock climbing by all.

Core Values

Best Practice to safeguard the safety of our climbers and foster professionalism. 


Shared Vision to build better through collaborative action.

Equitable Opportunity and access to resources by all in a welcoming and inclusive community. 


Impact-driven decisions, programs and activities that benefit the community. 

Our Approach

We believe systemic change that makes rock climbing more accessible will grow the sport and positively impact individuals and society at large.

Our Roots

Rock climbing has existed in Kenya for over a century and yet it remains hidden and unknown to 7 in 10 local Kenyans. Coupled with other barriers, this lack of information and knowledge renders Kenyans of African descent less likely to be exposed to rock climbing. It is with this understanding that Climbing Life Kenya was founded in 2017 by Liz Ndindi as a way to create a space where Kenyans connect with rock climbing.  

In 2018, Liz met Nyamzy Giati a fellow rock climber who shared a belief that the systemic change needed to tackle the challenges encountered by local Kenyan climbers can be initiated by the locals themselves. Together, they developed the approach Climbing Life Kenya utilizes today. 

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