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Heritage of Splendour

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Mountaineering, much like long-distance running Kenya is synonymous with, elicits a great source of patriotism amongst Kenyans who engage in it.

Some of the earliest records on Kenyan mountaineers were of the summit of Nelion (Mt. Kenya’s second highest pitch) by Mtu Muthara (1938) and Ali Kikuyu (1941).

In 1959 Kisoi Munyao became the first black African mountainteer to reach Mt. Kenyan's highest peak, Batian, He would later hoist the Kenyan flag on the Nellion on Kenya's independence day in 1963 - and return to the mountain soon after Christmas to raise it on Batian!

The mountaineering spirit lives on. James Kagambi, Bob Bhania, Sam Taylor, James Muhia and many other Kenyan mountaineers reaching some of the highest peaks in the world away from the glare of the limelight continue to raise the Kenyan flag high.

An opportunity exists to celebrate and document achievements by Kenyans in the mountaineering arena more and help set the pace for future generations.

Kenyan mountaineers continue to raise the flag high as they set the pace for future generations.


An article extracted the first issue of The Kenyan Climber

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