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VR96 9.6mm Lilited Edition Kenya Rope. Developed by Sterling Rope in partnership with Global Climbing Initiative.

Outdoor Skills Development

Latest News

Tupande Pamoja/ Let's Climb Together by Marcus Garcia here

Sterling Partners with Global Climbing Initiative here

Redbull: Slacklining between Cat and Mouse here

Mapo Tapo: Karibu Kenya: A Guide to Rock Climbing in Kenya, Africa here

The New Ascensionists by Kang-Chun Cheng here

The Global Climbing Initiative: Best Practices for the development of climbing worldwide here

theDIHEDRAL Podcast

Climbers' Roundtable - Inclusivity in the Rock Climbing Community here

Other News

Factors Affecting Local Kenyans' Participation in Rock Climbing: A summary of findings  here

Cliffs, community and breaking down barriers. Read here

Check out our 2020 Annual Report here

Rock and Ice: Climbing Advocacy Conference: A Global Perspective on Local Solutions (Recap) here

2020 Climbing Advocacy Conference here

CNN Inside Africa: Rock climbing in Kenya 2019. Watch here

The Kenyan Climber

Climbing Life Kenya's Official Newsletter

Issue 05 - The Kenyan Climber - Jan 2022-2.png
Issue 04 - The Kenyan Climber - July 2021.png
Issue 03 - The Kenyan Climber - Mar 2021.png

Check out our past issues here.


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