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Connection Between Climbers

by Shelmith Chepng’etich

When rope climbing, ideally, you should be at least 2. There must be a partner. When one is climbing, the other is belaying, and vice versa. One of the most important things, a must do before any climbing round, is to check if your carabiner is securely locked, and you must do the same for your partner. You can never assume, you can never be too sure. You see, the carabiner is what connects the two of you together, through the rope. A loose one for either of you could mean a fatal accident. Now, the trick is, at times, the person you are climbing with is a good friend, there is the temptation at times to overlook this procedure, more so, if you have been through a number of rounds, the tendency is to assume all is well and overlook it.

Today's lessons are simple ones, based on the above.

1. Always check on yourself. In order for you to be there for others, you must first of all be fine. It is really critical. Remember, those you are looking out for can only benefit from your love, care and good intentions when you are first of all, fine.

2. Always check on your friends. This sounds cliche, I know. But you can NEVER be sure. Just like you can never assume that their Carabiner is safely secured, so you can never assume that they are well. No matter how long, you have known each other, and well for that matter. Don't overlook that critical action. At times that call, or text message of care, that sit down to just listen to them is what will make the difference. It could be what ensures their safety and prevents any adverse actions they could have taken. Simply put, Always check on your friends.

3. Allow yourself to be checked up on. You see, if you deny your partner the chance to confirm that your Carabiner is securely locked, well it might be secure for sure. However, for the one who reached out to perform the action, they will not have complete peace of mind. They will be anticipating an accident. Your refusal to be checked on also affects the other person. Therefore, when people make the effort to reach out, appreciate the effort. It is for your own good, it is for theirs too. Reply that message, return that call, reschedule that meeting...Be kind to those who reach out, more often than not, they mean well.

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