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My Journey Into Rock Climbing

This month we caught up with Silvanous Imbugui, one Climbing Life Kenya’s 2019 participants, and got to discussing his new experience in rock climbing.

How did you get into rock climbing?

“Some years back I had no idea rock climbing was something I would come to enjoy. In fact, I never thought it was available here in Kenya! I was introduced to rock climbing by Liz in 2019. After hearing about rock climbing, I decided to give it a try and for sure, it was fun. I have since been able to join numerous rock climbing outings organized by Climbing Life Kenya both indoors and outdoors at Lukenya and other parts of the country.”

What about rock climbing appealed to you?

“Through rock climbing, I combine a lot of things. I enjoy it, I work out and it also keeps me healthy. It’s really working for me since I am able to keep fit and have a good time at the same time. It’s like killing two birds with a single stone.”

What have you gained from rock climbing?

“I find that I think more critically and that I have learnt how to be patient. I have also overcome my fear of heights which means that rock climbing has built my confidence. Most importantly, I have paid less visits to my doctor meaning I am also growing healthy! I wish I had started rock climbing sooner!”

What is your hope on rock climbing in Kenya?

“I would really urge my fellow Kenyans to involve themselves in rock climbing. Despite being a foreign sport in Kenya, it’s just like any other sport. Imagine something that packages everything you want, be it bonding with other people, be it building your confidence, overcoming your fears and burning the calories. From rock climbing you get to enjoy more and worry less. My hope is to see as many Kenyans as possible participate in rock climbing and encourage one another to be part of the rock climbing family.”

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