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Making a Difference

Climbing Life Kenya's approach to rock climbing is holistic and impact-driven. Our programs and activities are geared toward promoting rock climbing while creating positive social impact within our community.

Climbing at Boulder Crag 

Outdoor Climbs

Our Programs


We equip our community with the fundamental climbing knowledge, skills and techniques necessary for safe and effective personal recreation. 

By climbing with us, you become an active supporter of our mission and enable us to make Tupande Pamoja Program available at little or no cost young people in our community. 


Tupande Pamoja means let’s climb together. Through this program, we provide practical solutions that address social needs identified within our community. This allows us to share rock climbing with our community in a way that matters to them.


We consciously working towards sustainable management of the waste that inevitably comes with the growth of rock climbing.

Swahili Rock Climbing Glossary Of Terms

The aim of the glossary of rock climbing terminology in Kenya's national language, Swahili, is to make rock climbing more accessible to local climbers in Kenya and other Swahili speaking countries. It provides an intersection where climbing and culture can interact through language especially when introducing climbing to people who are not conversant with English. 


Kupanda bila kamba

Aina ya kupanda tatizo kwenye mwamba. Kwa kawaida, godoro huwekwa chini ya tatizo kama mahali pazuri pa kutua ili kupunguza ikiwa mpandaji ataanguka au kuruka chini kutoka juu ya tatizo. Bouldering   


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Donate to continue to support our Tupande Pamoja Programs and make our mission to invest in the growth of rock climbing for the next generation of climbers in Kenya a reality.


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